Georgia High School Basketball Project


In some form or another, this website has been around for quite some time. It started as Berrien basketball history site way back in the days of Geocities and I started looking up and adding state basketball tournament information in 2001. Information about the Georgia Interscholastic Association (GIA) started as purely an attempt to compile football scores and has slowly grown into chronicling black school history in general.

The links to the left of the page should be self-explanatory, except perhaps for 'schools' and 'misc.' Schools is a listing of, indeed, schools with some historic information chucked in. 'Misc.' lacks a ready explanation, except that it's mostly where I throw in little bits of research.

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Special thanks to Bobby Hodges for providing the web space. Go Thomson! is not affiliated with the GHSA, GISA, any member school, or any form of media or publication in Georgia, and is not a representative of any of these organizations. This is an independent research site with information mainly taken from Georgia newspapers and site visitors.