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GIA 1949 Boys Track Champions

Held April 22, 1949 at Fort Valley State. This was an open event, with all Black high school track teams/individuals in Georgia competing for one trophy. At this point, it is unlikely that very many schools had an available track and field to compete on or resources to put together teams.

Results from April 29, 1949 Alabama Tribune.

Team results

1st - Howard, 31 points
2nd - Washington, 27
3rd - Risley, 26.
No full team results.


Silas Lackey Jr. (Howard) sets a new meet record in the 100-yard dash - 10 seconds - besting the record set in 1947 by Edward Jones of Brooks High and tied in 1948 by Milton Byard of Risley.

Bennie Foster (Howard) set a new record in the football throw - 190'4" - to best that of Joe Douse of Washington, set in 1948.

E. Gray of Monroe breaks the running broad jump record, previously set by Harold Turner of Washington in 1946. Gray's distance was 18'6".

Howard High sets the mile relay record with a time of 3:40. That broke the mark set by Washington in 1948.

Event results

100-yard dash: 1st - Silas Lackey Jr. (Howard), 2nd - Milton Byard (Risley), 3rd - Bennie Foster (Howard). Time: 10 seconds.

180-yard hurdles: 1st - Harold Turner (Washington), 2nd - Charles Brook (Howard), 3rd - Raymond Mathis (Washington). Time: 22.3 seconds.

440-yard relay: 1st - Howard, 2nd - Risley, 3rd - Monroe, 4th - Brooks, 5th - Carver (Atlanta). Time: None listed.

Mile relay: 1st - Howard, 2nd - Washington, 3rd - Risley, 4th - Hudson. Time: 3:40.

Mile run: 1st - Norman Reddick (Washington) 2nd - Norris Farmer (Washington), 3rd - Carlton Burley (Carver, Atlanta). Time: 4:58.

Discus: 1st - George Freeman (Carver, Atlanta), 2nd - John Culpepper (Washington), 3rd - John Poole (Carver, Douglas). Distance: 114'8.5".

Football throw: 1st - Bennie Foster (Howard), 2nd - Emory Fair (Hudson), 3rd - Charles McDonald (Monroe). Distance: 190'4".

High jump: 1st - Pat Gausey (Hudson), 2nd - J.B. Fountain (Hudson), 3rd - Harold Turner (Washington). Distance: 5'8".

Javelin throw: 1st - Emory Fair (Hudson), 2nd - Johnny Middleton (Risley), 3rd - Melvin Frazier (Washington). Distance: 146'10.5".

Pole vault: 1st - P. Maxwell (Brooks), 2nd - Pat Causey (Hudson), 3rd - James Mathis (Hudson). Height: 9'6".

Running broad jump: 1st - E. Gray (Monroe), 2nd - Milton Byard (Risley), 3rd - Silas Lackey Jr. (Howard). Distance: 18'6".

Shot put: 1st - Earnest Brown (Hunt), 2nd - Gray Green (Monroe), 3rd - Leroy Knight (Risley). Distance: 41'3".