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A slowly growing attempt at documenting black schools in Georgia.

The Georgia Department of Education first began making an effort to document what existed in the state in 1936. However, that was an incomplete list of white schools; in 1937, it would begin to have cumulative lists. In previous years, it had lists of accredited schools only. This would be the case for black schools. The DOE tracked only accredited high schools for a few years, then included accredited elementaries. A non-cumulative effort to document schools in major population areas began in 1956, with a full list appearing in 1957.

It would have been difficult, though probably not impossible, to have had full lists in previous years. The state was providing money to the local boards of education, who had to have a list to know the recipients of the paychecks. And the local boards of education were supplying the information on white schools to the state.

On the other hand, black schools were almost in an alternate reality. Of "separate but equal," the separate definitely existed. Equal did not. Some systems had done some consolidation by the early 1950s, but several had not. When two new black schools were completed in Warren County in 1956, they replaced 18.

Those 18 schools in Warren County were not named. There are different amounts of coverage in various newspapers as to what existed.

So, this is an attempt to put together what we can. Some degree of documentation. It is doubtful that it will ever be 100% complete, but it's interesting to see what the chase will get us. My research is a bit haphazard. I have no definitve start year set; it's mainly dependent on when the individual microfilm reel starts and as I have been doing this alongside searching for details on the school building projects of the 1950s, the reels usually tend to start around 1952.

Schools are only listed if I can confirm they existed in that particular school year. If the Crawfordville Advocate-Democrat made no mention at all of Murden in the 1954-55 school year, but did in 1953-54 and 1955-56, Murden won't be listed in 1954-55.

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