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GIA 1949 Girls Track Champions

Held April 22, 1949 at Fort Valley State. This was an open event, with all Black high school track teams/individuals in Georgia competing for one trophy. At this point, it is unlikely that very many schools had an available track and field to compete on or resources to put together teams.

Results from April 29, 1949 Alabama Tribune.

Team results

1st - Monroe (Albany), 30 points
2nd - Hudson, 29.5
3rd - Howard, 23
4th - Washington (Atlanta),15
5th - Griffin Vocational, 5.5
6th - Carver (Atlanta), 2
7th - Brooks, 1
8th - Risley, Thomaston Training and Hunt, 0.
Published team results are not completely accurate. Moultrie High School for Negro Youth places in an event, but is not listed above.


Mary McNabb (Howard) wins her third straight 100-yard dash. Her time of 11.2 seconds equalled her own record, set in 1947.

Event results

50-yard dash: Margaret Davis (Washington), 2nd - Margaret Mathews (Howard), 3rd - Josephine McCoy (Moultrie High School for Negro Youth). Time: 6.9 seconds.

80-meter hurdles: 1st - Mary Toson (Monroe), 2nd - Christine Green (Hudson), 3rd - Robbie Hendricks (?). Time: 15 seconds.

100-yard dash: 1st - Mary McNabb (Howard), Hazel Thomas (Monroe), 3rd - Pauline Amey (Washington). Time: 11.2 seconds.

440 relay: 1st - Monroe, 2nd - Howard, 3rd - Hudson, 4th - Brooks. Time: None listed.

Baseball throw: 1st - Margaret Hawkins (Hudson), 2nd - Magarine Harrell (Washington), 3rd - Christten Green (Hudson). Distance: 193'1".

Basketball throw: 1st - Carol Ann Bailes (Hudson), 2nd - Lizzie Fonfield (Griffin Vocational), 3rd - Margaret Hawkins (Hudson). Distance: 79'11".

Discus: 1st - Wardell Brooks (Monroe), 2nd - Carol Ann Bailes (Hudson), 3rd - Christine Whittaker (Howard). Distance: 63'10.5".

High jump: 1st - Luella Collins (Monroe), 2nd - Jessie Bailes (Hudson), 3rd - Lizzie Fonfield (Griffin Vocational). Height: 4'9".

Running broad jump: 1st - Jessie Bailes (Hudson) 2nd - Hazel Thomas (Monroe), 3rd - Mary McNabb (Howard). Distance: 15'11".

Shot put: 1st - Catherine Johnson (Howard), 2nd - Anna Thomas (Monroe), 3rd - Pauline Amey (Washington). Distance: 29'9".