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GIA 1951 Classes A-B-C Boys Track Champions

Held in April 1951 at Fort Valley State. Classes A, B and C were combined.

Results from April 20, 1951 Alabama Tribune; April 26, 1951 Savannah Tribune

Team results

1st - Risley (Brunswick), 46.5 points
2nd - Wayne County Training (Jesup), 27
3rd - Brooks (Quitman), 22
4th - Hunt (Fort Valley), 18.5
5th - Washington Street (Dublin), 18


A Savannah Tribune report on Haven Home's state results claim the school competed against 25 teams in "Class A." These results do not mesh with the known results for the A-B-C division, so it seems more likely Haven Home was in AA.

Event results

100-yard dash: 1st - J. Mitchell (Brooks), 2nd - J. Davis (Hunt), 3rd - L. Sims (Wayne County Training), 4th - J. Turner (Wayne County Training). Time: 10.1 seconds.

170 low hurdles: 1st - J. Webb (Risley), 2nd - E. Daton (Wayne County Training), 3rd - H. Harris (Brooks), 4th - W. Marshall (Hunt). Time: 19.3 seconds.

440 relay: 1st - Hunt, 2nd - Risley, 3rd - Boggs Academy, 4th - Howard Warner. Time: None listed.

440 run: 1st - J. Williams (Risley), 2nd - S. Leonard (Wayne County Training), 3rd - J. Webb (Risley), 4th - J. Sims (Brooks). Time: None listed.

Mile relay: 1st - Risley, 2nd - Wayne County Training, 3rd - Brooks, 4th - Hunt. Time: 3:43.

Mile run: 1st - J. Hightower (Monroe), 2nd - U. Dudley (Washington Street, Dublin), 3rd - J. Mays (Risley), 4th - A. Scrutchens (Wayne County Training). Time: 5:33.

Two-mile relay: 1st - Wayne County Training, 2nd - Risley, 3rd - Monroe (Albany), 4th - Brooks. Time: 9:53.

Broad jump: 1st - E. Sims (Wayne County Training) and J. Turner (Wayne County Training), 3rd - J. Baker (Risley), 4th - G. Goss (Fair Street) and R. Hudson (Fair Street). Distance: 18'8".

Discus: 1st - A. Phillips (Risley), 2nd - W. Kitchens (Washington Street, Dublin), 3rd - J. Mitchell (Brooks), 4th - F. Howard (Washington Street, Dublin). Distance: 107'3".

Football throw: 1st - F. Davis (Brooks), 2nd - R. Berry (Howard Warner), 3rd - R. White (Cook County Training), 4th - R. Hinton (Hill). Distance: 152'5".

High jump: 1st - Fred Fowler (Washington Street, Dublin) and John Mourman (Risley), 3rd - A. Stewart (Murden), 4th - E. Fluellen (Hunt), 5th - J. Bacon (Risley). Height: 5'8".

Javelin throw: 1st - J. Williams (Risley), 2nd - R. Goler (Washington Street, Dublin), 3rd - H. Harris (Brooks), 4th - Branch (Risley). Distance: 137'0.5".

Pole vault: 1st - A. Phillips (Risley), 2nd - W. Campbell (Brooks), 3rd - S. White (Washington Street, Dublin), 4th - Fred Fowler (Washington Street, Dublin). Height: 10'.

Shot put: 1st - C. Gross (Hunt), 2nd - S. Brown (Hunt), 3rd - H. Reid (Cedar Hill), 4th - J. Scott (Cook County Training). Distance: 37'71.5".