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GIA 1952 Class AA Boys Track Champions

Held April 19, 1952 at Fort Valley State.

Results from April 25, 1952 Alabama Tribune.

Team results

1st - Washington, 62 points
2nd - Carver (Atlanta), 36
3rd - Howard, 20.5
4th - Beach, 20
5th - Turner, 7.5
6th - Lucy Laney, 5


Event results

100-yard dash: 1st - Claude Robinson (Beach), 2nd - James Foster (Howard), 3rd - Bernard Gay (Washington), 4th - Roosevelt Wright (Beach). Time: 10.3 seconds.

170-yard hurdles: 1st - Leroy Mitchell (Howard), 2nd - Levon Green (Carver, Atlanta), 3rd - Albert Gordon (Washington, 4th - Melvin Frazier (Washington). Time: 19.5 seconds.

440 relay: 1st - Beach (O'Neal Freeman, George Norrison, Roosevelt Wright and Claude Roberts), 2nd - Wawshington, 3rd - Carver (Atlanta), 4th - Howard. Time: 44.9 seconds.

440-yard run: 1st - O'Neal Freeman (Beach), 2nd - Homer Swan (Washington), 3rd - Felix Jackson (Carver, Atlanta), 4th - Elmer Reems (Carver, Atlanta). Time: 55 seconds. New record.

Mile relay: 1st - Washington (Emmett Key, Bernard Gay, Homer Ewan, Thomas Young), 2nd - Carver (Felix Jackson, Johnnie Chandler, Elmer Reems, Melvin Griffin), 3rd - Turner (Theodore Ector, Charlie Sutton, Ike Robertson, Robert Lane), 4th - Howard (Bobbie Ward, Robert Gresham, Fudge Turner, Willie Nathan). Time: 3:40.

Mile run: 1st - Fudge Turner (Howard), 2nd - Robert W. Smith (Washington), 3rd - Thomas Bullock (Lucy Laney), 4th - Cox Turner (Washington). Time: 4:55.

Two-mile relay: 1st - Washington, 2nd - Howard, 3rd- Turner, 4th - Carver (Atlanta). Time: 9:07.

Broad jump: 1st - Leon Jamison (Washington); 2nd - Melvin Frazier (Washington), 3rd - Bobbie Henderson (Carver, Atlanta), 4th - Charlie Burley (Carver, Atlanta). Distance: 21'0.5". New record.

Discus: 1st - Levon Green (Carver, Atlanta), 2nd - Paul Martin (Washington), 3rd - Not listed, 4th - Lemon Green (Lucy Laney). Distance: 116'4".

Football throw: 1st - John Beaty (Carver,Atlanta), 2nd - Willie Kitchens (?), 3rd - Joseph Glen (Howard), 4th - James Curtis (Lucy Laney), 5th - Ike Robinson (Turner). Distance: 155'6".

High jump: 1st - Gilbert Kennedy (Washington), 2nd - Rolston Carter (Beach), 3rd - Paul Martin (Washington), 4th - Robert Coles (Beach), 5th - Thomas Glover (Turner). Height: 5'8".

Javelin throw: 1st - Melvin Frazier (Washington), 2nd - Levon Green (Carver, Atlanta), 3rd - Richard Wright (Washington), 4th - Winfield Dunbar (?). Distance: 163'2". New record.

Pole vault: 1st - Gilbert Kennedy (Washington), 2nd - Melvin Frazier (Washington). No other participants. Height: 9'0".

Shot put: 1st - Bobbie Henderson (Carver, Atlanta), 2nd - Levon Green (Carver, Atlanta), 3rd - Richard Wright (Washington), 4th - Gilbert Kennedy (Washington). Distance: 38'10'.