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GIA 1952 Classes A-B-C Girls Track Champions

Held in April 1952 at Fort Valley State.

Some information from the May 29, 1952 (Eastman) Times-Journal.

Team results

1st - Lisbon
Risley and Monroe (Albany) likely round out the top three.


Lisbon was located in the Zion Hill community in Dodge County. It was small enough to not just lose its high school upon consolidation in 1957 (with the expansion of Peabody High), but the entire school. Its high school average daily attendance was likely under 50. The number of girls at Lisbon would have been even less.

Weeks after the GIA state meet, Lisbon boys and girls competed in perhaps the biggest track meet for Black southern high schools at Tuskegee, Ala. The Eastman Times-Journal offered some details about Lisbon's success there:

The following students entered in competition at Tuskegee: Pearline Simmons, Lugene Simmons, Rosa Simmons, Ocie Carson, Lois Carson, Verdell Cooper, Curtis Whitening and Junior Davis.

Pearline Simmons, competing in the 50-yard dash, 100 meters and the 200 meters, was outstanding in her performance by winning through the heats until the semi-finals in the 100 meter and the 200 meters.

No doubt that Lisbon's track and field resources would have essentially been nil. Their success here might be the GIA's greatest story. Unfortunately, outside of meet results, few other details about this remarkable team will likely be uncovered.

Event results