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GIA 1953 Class AA Boys Track Champions

State was held for all classes April 24-25 at Fort Valley State.

Results from May 1, 1953 Alabama Tribune.

Team results

1st - Washington (Atlanta), 61 points
No other places listed.


Event results

100-yard dash: 1st - Swann (Washington), 2nd - Wright (Beach), 3rd - T. Young (Washington). Time: 10.1 seconds.

180-meter hurdles: 1st - L. Cooper (Carver, Atlanta), 2nd - L. Mitchell (Howard), 3rd - Love (Washington). Time: 21.9 seconds. New record.

440-yard run: 1st - Elmer Reams (Carver, Atlanta), 2nd - W. Finley (Washington), 3rd - L. Austin (Lucy Laney). Time: 52.3 seconds. New record.

440-yard relay: 1st - Washington. No other places given. Time: 45 seconds.

Mile run: 1st - W. Smith (Washington), 2nd - C. Sutton (Turner), 3rd - L. Law (Beach). Time: 4:44.4. New record.

Mile relay: 1st - Washington. No other places given. Time: 3:41. New record.

Two-mile relay: 1st - Washington. No other places given. Time: 8:52. New record.

Broad jump: 1st - C. Green (Washington), 2nd - C. Burley (Carver, Atlanta), 3rd - M. Griffin (Lucy Laney). Distance: 19'10.5".

Discus: 1st - W. Dawson (Howard), 2nd - W. Peters (Turner), 3rd - B. Thrasher (Washington). Distance: 118'11.5".

Football throw: 1st - O. Winfrey (Washington), 2nd - W. Peters (Turner), 3rd - J. Beaty (Carver, Atlanta). Distance: 164'7".

High jump: 1st - C. Green (Washington), 2nd - E. Carter (Beach), 3rd - V. Newman (Turner). Height: 5'10". New record.

Javelin throw: 1st - Love (Washington), 2nd - C. Benton (Turner), 3rd - Culpepper (Washington). Distance: 137'11".

Pole vault: 1st - V. Newman (Turner), 2nd - E. Johnson (Washington), 3rd - C. Greer (Washington). Height: 9'6".

Shot put: 1st - Bobby Henderson (Carver, Atlanta), 2nd - Willie Hunter (Carver, Atlanta), 3rd - J. Smith (Lucy Laney). Distance: 43'8.5". New record.