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GIA 1953 Classes A-B-C Girls Track Champions

State was held for all classes April 24-25 at Fort Valley State.

Results from May 1, 1953 Alabama Tribune; May 7, 1953 Early County News.

Team results

1st - Monroe (Albany), 21 points
2nd - Peabody (Eastman) and Brooks (Quitman), 17
4th - Hunt (Fort Valley), 12
5th - Washington (Blakely), 10
6th - Wayne County Training (Jesup) and Carver (Jakin), 6.
Twenty-three teams competed.

Alabama Tribune results put Carver of Douglas as the 3rd place team, but it was actually Carver of Jakin.

Isabelle Daniels, who placed in several events, medaled in the 1956 Olympics and won three golds over two Pan-American games. Daniels was 15 years old at the time of the 1953 state meet.


Event results

50-yard dash: 1st - L. Simmons (Peabody), 2nd - Isabelle Daniels (Carver, Jakin), 3rd - B. Moore (Union, ?). Time: 6.3 seconds.

80-meter hurdles: 1st - V. Ferguson (Wayne County Training), 2nd - L. Simmons (Peabody), 3rd. A. Jones (Monroe, Albany). Time: 14.5 seconds. New record.

100-yard dash: 1st - D. Brown (Brooks), 2nd - Isabelle Daniels (Carver, Jakin), 3rd. L. Simmons (Peabody). Time: 11.9 seconds.

Baseball throw: 1st - F. Burch (Peabody), 2nd - China Holmes (Washington, Blakely), 3rd - F. Christians (Monroe, Albany). Distance: 169'3".

Broad jump: 1st - Dorothy Griggs (Hunt), 2nd. J. Clark (Rosenwald, ?), 3rd - L. Simmons (Peabody). Distance: 16'6.5". New record.

Discus: 1st - Delois Brown (Brooks), 2nd - E. Christians (Monroe, Albany), 3rd - China Holmes (Washington, Blakely). Distance: 90'6". New record.

High jump: 1st - Margaret Duggins (Springfield, ?), 2nd - Louise McCoy (Washington, Blakely), 3rd - A. Wesley (Monroe, Albany). Distance: 5'1". New record.

Shot put: 1st - M. Soloman (Monroe, Albany), 2nd - Lorene Holmes (Washington, Blakely), 3rd - B. Turner (Peabody). Distance: 29'.