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GIA 1954 Class A Boys Track Champions

State was held April 24 at Fort Valley State.

Results from April 30, 1954 Alabama Tribune.

Team results

1st - Risley
No further places known.


Event results

100-yard dash: 1st - Calvin Davis (Hunt), 2nd - Freddie Massey (Ralph Bunche, Woodbine), 3rd - Thomas Jones (Monroe, Albany), 4th - W.O. Tillman (Oconee). Time: 10.2 seconds.

180-meter low hurdles: 1st - Calvin Davis (Hunt), 2nd - Elliott Pinckney (Risley), 3rd - Edgar Stanley (Risley), 4th - Rudolph Mitchell (Brooks). Time: 19.8 seconds.

220-yard run: 1st - Freddie Massey (Ralph Bunche, Woodbine), 2nd - Julius Bacon (Risley), 3rd - Sammie White (Oconee), 4th - Calvin Davis (Hunt). Time: 23.8 seconds.

440-yard run: 1st - Elliott Pinckney (Risley), 2nd - J.D. Anderson (Risley), 3rd - W.C. Anderson (Oconee), 4th - Ulysses Stephens (Brooks). Time: 55.9 seconds.

880-yard relay: 1st - Risley, 2nd - Oconee, 3rd - Brooks, 4th - Fairmont. Monroe (Albany) was disqualified for not staying in its lane. Time: 1:37.7.

880-yard run: 1st - J.D. Anderson (Risley), 2nd - Andrew King (Risley), 3rd - Ralph Turner (Washington, Blakely), 4th - Preston Edwards (Brooks). Time: 2:13.8.

Mile run: 1st - Melvin Pinckney (Risley), 2nd - Willie McCray (Monroe, Albany), 3rd - Elworth Speakman (Risley), 4th - Preston Edwards (Brooks). Time: None listed.

Broad jump: 1st - Willie Long (Risley), 2nd - Sammie White (Oconee), 3rd - Walker Scott (East Depot), 4th - Rudolph Mitchell (Brooks). Distance: 20'7.5".

Discus: 1st - Willie Long (Risley), 2nd - John Cash (Risley), 3rd - Andrew Ellis (Monroe, Albany), 4th - Eddie Fluellen (Hunt). Distance: 126'10.5".

High jump: 1st - Sammie White (Oconee), 2nd - Walter Jenkins (Brooks), 3rd - Walter Thomas (Oconee), 4th - Eddie Fluellen (Hunt). Height: 5'8".

Javelin throw: James Rich (Ralph Bunche, Woodbine), 2nd - Eddie Fluellen (Hunt), 3rd - Calvin Goss (Hunt), 4th - Johny Lay (East Depot). Distance: 169'6.

Pole vault: 1st - Norman Reddman (Brooks), 2nd - V.A. Stanley (Oconee), 3rd - Julius Bacon (Risley), 4th - Edgar Stanley (Risley) and Walter Jenkins (Brooks). Height: 9'10".

Shot put: 1st - John Cash (Risley), 2nd - Calvin Goss (Hunt), 3rd - Charles Davis (Brooks), 4th - James Rich (Ralph Bunche, Woodbine). Distance: 42'10".