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GIA 1954 Class B Boys Track Champions

State was held April 24 at Fort Valley State.

Results from April 30, 1954 Alabama Tribune.

Team results

1st - Wayne County Training
No further places known.


Theopolius Neal was Wayne County Training's coach.

Event results

100-yard dash: 1st - Charles Bush (Peabody), 2nd - Johnny William (Cook County Training), 3rd - Calvin Deloach (Wayne County Training), 4th - Augustus Shedrick (Edison). Time: 10.2 seconds.

180-meter hurdles: 1st - Calvin Deloach (Wayne County Training), 2nd - Otto Rodgers (Peabody), 3rd - Jerry Turner (Wayne County Training), 4th - Elmo Williams (Cook County Training). Time: 21.2 seconds.

220-yard run: 1st - Johnny Williams (Cook County Training), 2nd - Tom Whittsett (Eureka, Ashburn), 3rd - Rayford Smith (Cedar Hill), 4th - Augustus Shedrick (Edison). Time: 23.4 seconds.

440 run: 1st - Lamberd Reed (Carver, Douglas), 2nd - Tommy Jones (Edison), 3rd - Samuel Holmes (Wayne County Training), 4th - Dolphus Johnson (Wayne County Training). Time: 56.8 seconds.

880 run: 1st - Carl Rawls (Wayne County Training), 2nd - Ross Johnson (Kestler), 3rd - Tommie Johnes (Edison), 4th - Arthur Green (Wayne County Training). Time: 2:15.

880 relay: 1st - Jerry Lee Turner (Wayne County Training), 2nd - Arthur Nelson (Peabody), 3rd: Johnny Williams (Cook County Training), 4th - Robert Toombs (Carver, Douglas). Time: 1:38. Unknown why these individuals were listed.

Mile run: 1st - Carl Rawls (Wayne County Training), 2nd - Ernest Gibson (Cedar Hill), 3rd - Arthur Green (Wayne County Training). Time: 5:22.

Broad jump: 1st - Jerry Turner (Wayne County Training), 2nd - Robert Lovelace (Cedar Hill), 3rd - Otta Rogers (Peabody), 4th - Pringlo Adams (Wayne County Training). Distance: 17'7.5".

Discus: 1st - T. Lampkin (Carver, Jakin), 2nd - Ernest Sutton (Cook County Training), 3rd - Emanuel Scott (Cook County Training), 4th - Robert Lovelance (Cedar Hill), 5th - T. Lampkin (Carver, Jakin). Distance: Not listed.

High jump: 1st - Ernest Sutton (Cook County Training), 2nd - Bobbie Wallace (Edison), 3rd - J.D. Grimsley (Carver, Jakin), 4th - Thomas Lampkin (Peabody), 5th - Johnny Levany (Wayne County Training), 6th - Lonnie E. Wilson (Cook County Training). Height: 5'8".

Javelin throw: 1st - Arthur Nelson (Peabody), 2nd - James Spencer (Wayne County Training), 3rd - Calvin Deloach (Wayne County Training), 4th - Willie Manning (Cook County Training). Distance: 118'1.5".

Pole vault: 1st - R. Hightower (Edison) and J.D. Grimsley (Carver, Jakin), 3rd - B. Wallace (Edison), 4th - Norm Varpin (Carver, Jakin), 5th - Willie Mannings (Cook County Training), 6th - Elmer Williams (Cook County Training). Height: 10'1.25.

Shot put: 1st - Herman Reid (Cedar Hill), 2nd - Maceo Plummer (Carver, Douglas), 3rd - Dupree Green (Wayne County Training), 4th - Johnnie Moore (Cook County Training). Distance: 47'1.5".