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GIA 1955 Class AA Boys Track Champions

State was held in April at Fort Valley State.

Results from May 6, 1955 Alabama Tribune and May 8, 1955 Macon Telegraph.

Team results

1st - Howard (Atlanta), 37.5 points
2nd - Lucy Laney (Augusta) and Turner (Atlanta), 22
4th - Washington (Atlanta), 17.5
5th - Woodville (Savannah), 16
6th - Ballard-Hudson (Macon), 13.5
7th - Carver (Atlanta) 6
8th - Athens High & Industrial, 1.75
9th - Beach (Savannah), 1.


Partial results known.

Event results

100-yard dash: 1st - Leon Austin (Lucy Laney). Time: 9.8 seconds. New record.

220-yard run: 1st - Leon Austin (Lucy Laney)

Discus: 1st - Charles Durden (Howard), 2nd - James Davis (Ballard-Hudson). Distance: Not listed, but new record.

Shot put: 1st - Charles Durden (Howard), 2nd - Albert Sharpe (Ballard-Hudson). Distance: Not listed, but new record.